Review: Disney Princess and Winnie the Pooh Toiletries

Everyone seems to love Disney stuff and my kids are no exception so when we were contacted by H & A and asked to try out some products from their range I thought I would give them a go. Particularly as I figured that if they were good then stuff from the range might be a source of stocking fillers for kids for years to come.

Fifi has very sensitive skin so I was a bit worried about whether they would be suitable for her, so I only used the tiniest amount of the rather scrumptiously smelling Blueberry Sorbet Bath Bubbles. This was OK for her, and as the packaging is Disney Princess she sat in the bath like the little princess she is, grinning from ear to ear. The Bath Confetti, proved an even bigger hit and I shall be stocking up on this, what better than to sprinkle little flakes of soap over a little princess in the bath!

Once your little princess has emerged from her confetti filled bath, she can brush her hair with the Disney Princess folding mirror brush set. Fifi LOVED this and to be honest so did I and it now resides in my handbag. Ahem.

Boy was given a Winnie the Pooh was puff pal, which at 1.99 is a total bargain, anything that encourages him to wash is a good thing. I really reckon this isn’t a bad party gift actually. There are also some little character shower gel pouches which strike me as good for holidays, we haven’t used those yet.

I think both ranges represent good value for money and are really ideal as little party gifts or stocking fillers, or simply for making your kids smile at bathtime. You can find loads more ideas and information on their website .here


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