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2nd April 2011 No Comments

What happens when the Easter Bunny doesn’t want to be the Easter Bunny, but wants to be a drummer in a rock band instead? If you want to see, then go along and watch Hop. We were invited to a screening so Boy and Fifi could provide their feedback. At two and four they loved it, at 35 and 36 myself and the husband did not.

Basically, if you are a fan of those Christmas feel good movies that feature a small elf, or a dog  and some gormless adults then this is for you. Unfortunately, I don’t like those films, so it wasn’t really something that I would have actively sought to see. The advertising was a bit misleading as I thought it was a completely animated film, otherwise I might not have been quite so keen in going to see it. It was made int eh same studios as Despicable Me which I really enjoyed so maybe that was why I felt it was a bit disappointing as I had high hopes.

Never mind, there were some genius moments and I loved the scenes which featured EB the bunny, there were a couple of moments where I nearly chocked on my popcorn, such was the hilarity. EB really is a wonderful character and the potential for his own film or television series is there in spades. He is voiced by Russell Brand, who I am increasingly becoming to like (a complete turnaround for me).

If you have a spare afternoon this Easter holiday then its a seasonally appropriate film, I wont recommend it to other adults, but the kids did enjoy it and the website has quite a few activities. Have a little look here:

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