Review: This Book Totally Makes Stuff Grow; A Maggie & Rose Activity Book

4th April 2011 No Comments

We were sent a copy of This Book Totally Makes Stuff Grow to enjoy and enjoy it we did!

My children love to do stuff in the garden, I am often at a loss to know what to do with them in the garden. Once the seeds have been planted and a bit of carefully supervised weeding has taken place I always get a bit stuck and so the football comes out or the paints. This is so we can make enormous paintings outdoors which I always wonder what to do with…

Anyway this little book is full of ideas. I have to admit it’s slightly misleading as quite a few of them are indoor activities based on things which grow in the garden, rather than things to do outside which is what the cover illustration sort of implied to me . I loved the idea of making binoculars out of the cardboard from toilet rolls and the bug hotel was genius.

I think the beauty of this book is that all the ideas are in one place and you can use it as a stimulus for discussions on what activity to do. I like this concept, having purchased a couple of Eden Centre books on a similar sort of theme. Sometimes its hard for toddlers to grasp concepts verbally so I find that books like this really do help. Even a task as simple as growing a sunflower can be hard to explain without doing it and I have to admit that my little boy at least likes to know what he is about to do before he does it. That’s where this book comes in and why I think that at least for the pre-school years you may well find it a little gem…

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