Straight from the Command Centre

I work part-time. I find it very, very hard, juggling the family, the household and making sure everyone is happy. I think its the worst of all worlds, Wednesday afternoons are always like a living hell for me. That’s the day when I go to work for precisely half the day. I find it very hard switching from work mode to mum mode through the transitional matter of a cheese sandwich.

I view my desk at work as a sort of Command Centre, its from there that I navigate through cyberspace and the nuances of Collections Management in a medium sized museum. In other words I have a telephone, the Internet and a kettle within easy reach. I fiddle about with XML scripts and the database and very occasionally tweet with people on behalf of the museum (Jarvis Cocker did bring a smile to my face this week). Sometimes, I venture away from my bespoke chair which has my name tippexed on the back, purely because people kept stealing it, to the museum stores. There I study, research and catalogue natural history specimens, social history bits and bobs, costume and archaeological pots. Sometimes I wander around the galleries thinking how wonderful it is that I can open  any display case and hold any item. I like visitors to the museum, but its absolutely at its best when there is no-one there (keep that secret!) a sort of museum curators bonus. I am master of my own affairs and apparently it is my role to ‘manage by influence’, ahem.

So it is from this state of play that I return home and find myself treading on Lego, hoovering Cheerios from the carpet and being walloped by Barbie dolls. At home I don’t really have a Command Centre, although I know that for some mums it is the kitchen. No, I am saddled with the noose of a 24 hour movable Command with occasional technical support from the husband. I cannot manage by influence, rather I must manage by sheer volume and threats. I am driven mad by children’s television and I am increasingly finding that my Command Centre is the downstairs loo. Purely because I can lock myself in and have some peace.

The Empire must strike back soon. I must regain some control and I must take over the living room once more, the Command Centre must by its very nature be at the heart of my Empire. Whilst I am at home anyhow….


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  1. Mark 13th April 2011 / 4:44 pm

    My command centre is my study;I don&#39;t have absolutely everything to hand, but then that&#39;s what teenagers are for isn&#39;t it?<br /><br />You see, there&#39;s light at the end of that tunnel.

  2. Mrs C 13th April 2011 / 7:29 pm

    Don&#39;t laugh too much, but at the moment my command centre is the loo! I find if I keep my to do list in there then it&#39;s the only place where I actually (briefly) sit down and check what I should be doing next!

  3. Anonymous 16th April 2011 / 7:39 pm

    Oh so true! Thank you for articulating what so many of us mums feel! 🙂

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