Review: Lego City Police Boat

Boy is obsessed with Star Wars Lego and Duplo. His sister loves Duplo and Duplo alone, she can spend hours playing with it. We have been slowly making our way through the Star Wars Lego Range in order to bribe him, get him to be a good boy. So it was brilliant when Lego sent him the Lego City Police Boat. It might not be Star Wars but it’s Lego and that’s good enough for him.

The Lego City range is brilliant, you can literally build your own city through a series of purchases at special moments. It is of course, also totally compatible with Lego and Duplo, so imagination can literally run riot. One of the best things about the Lego city Police boat is the size of it, at about 30 cm long you have a nice big sturdy boat which can be used in lots of different scenarios and which has space for plenty of Lego Mini-figures.

The hull of the boat itself is one piece, which means it’s water-tight. I wouldn’t advocate using it in the bath as such but you can float it in the sink or padding pool without a child in situ.The top half of the boat is all built from traditional Lego, and is full of nifty features like a cargo hold, a removable cabin and so on. It’s fun to build, with the added bonus that since you don’t have to build the hull it comes together really quickly.

In terms of how easy it is the build the boat we found that it was a great project for the husband and boy to work on work on together. This is something that I think is very important and can be a key factor in helping me decide about whether or not to purchase a toy.

All in all though, this is a Lego set that can’t really be faulted, especially at an RRP of £29.99, as you get a lot for your money.


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