Review: Lego Minfigures Series 4

We were sent a selection of minifigures. The hubby jealously eyeballed the kids as they opened them in a frenzy. Mini figures are a new thing to us, having spent much of the last year in a haze of building Lego Star Wars or Duplo. It’s great to have a few more characters to play with and to be honest the excitement of not knowing what you might get seems to create such a level of joy. I think they are a sort of modern day equivalent to those packets of stickers you used to buy in the newsagents when you were a child. Except these are about a million times better as you can use them and play with them forever!

Lego are now onto series 4 of their minifigures and there are a load of fab little people in this set including a Hazmat guy (quite topical if you want to create Japanese nuclear disasters), a Werewolf, a Kimono Girl and an Artist. The hubby wants the Werewolf more than anything else in the world at the moment. The kids have really enjoyed playing with the Skater Girl. These are a great idea and perfect for pocket money or a couple would make a fab kids birthday party gift. I’m sold on these. I’ll let you into a little secret too, apparently there is an app you can get on your phone which allows you to find out what is inside the packets. If you see a dad looking furtive and going through all the minifigures when you are in John Lewis next, you’ll know what he is up to…


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