Teaching the boy to ride a bike

The boy got a proper bike for Christmas, its a Ben 10 branded bike and just the perfect thing for little lads to zoom about on. Initially he didn’t even notice the thing on Christmas morning and walked straight past it. I think this should have been a sign. However, I have been persevering and trying to encourage cycling in my usual half-hearted manner, which means I give up and let him use the scooter instead.

What’s that then?

Yesterday in a moment of being in control I decided to ignore the tantrum and threaten to leave the bike outside for another child to have and make him walk, that was unless he used it. I was personally amazed at my attitude and fortitude for actually going along with it. I am guilty of just giving in at the first sign of trouble as I am a practitioner of ‘easy life parenting’. Yes, I realise this is something which ultimately backfires, but why worry about the future? Anyhow, the tantrum lasted at least 5 minutes I bet the neighbours (especially the weird ones opposite) were loving my open display of parenting. The screams were loud, I was half way up the street and the Boy was lying on the pavement outside our house.

Then a miracle happened. He got on his bike and rode after me, then he rode the bike down the road to the postbox and back. Today he cycled to school and then went for an additional bike ride later on. It seems the cycling bug has finally caught on. The only problem now is that it’s much harder to drag a toddler bike back from school than a mini-micro scooter. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all….


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