Guest Post: Sally Whittle on Being a Mummy

A few weeks ago I asked for some guest posts on peoples experience of Being a Mummy and last week I posted Anwen’s thoughts. This week it’s the turn of one of the UK’s leading parenting bloggers, Sally Whittle. Not only does she write fab parenting blog Who’s the Mummy, Sally is an endless source of blogging advice and founder of the Tots 100 and Bloggered. She is also a technology journalist and a brilliant mum to Flea, who is always the best behaved child at blogging events. These are her thoughts on Being a Mummy.

When I was a kid, I had this notion that I would die when I was 23.

The first mention of my untimely demise is in my diary when I was about nine years old, and it gets mentioned periodically until I was 21, when presumably the idea of imminent death became a bit unappealing now it was a bit closer.
I don’t think I ever really wanted to die – well, except for when I was 15, but that was a combination of too much Thomas Hardy and raging hormones.  I just couldn’t ever imagine myself ‘grown up’.
The idea of having children seemed too improbable to even consider.
But fast forward eight years and I was pregnant.
I had a tricky pregnancy and was told twice that I’d lost the baby – which seemed entirely predictable because how could I have a baby? Don’t be silly. 
At antenatal classes when they showed a baby being born, I passed out.
Dear God, I couldn’t possibly be expected to do THAT.
Still, my little critter hung on in there and I woke up from a general anaesthetic one sunny Sunday afternoon in August to find my then-husband holding a baby.
“Why are you holding that baby?” were my first words.
It didn’t bode well, let’s be honest.
This month, Flea finished her second year at school and brought home her workbooks from the year.  She’s now survived almost six years of my inept parenting.
Browsing through her stories, I found a little essay titled, “Mummy”, which was a list of reasons why Flea loves me. The last line read: 
“I love my Mummy because she makes me smile, and she loves me so very much.”
That, for me, is what being a mummy is all about.

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  1. susie @newdaynewlesson 25th July 2011 / 9:48 pm

    It is evident every time you talk and write about her. You love her loads and are really proud of her as well.

  2. Spencer Park 25th July 2011 / 9:52 pm

    There can be no better achievement for a mother, or father, then to make their child smile

  3. Crystal Jigsaw 25th July 2011 / 9:58 pm

    That is a lovely post. Absolutely right; love is what it&#39;s all about. You&#39;ve obviously taught Flea very well.<br /><br />CJ xx

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