Things to do with Toddlers; Bowling!

A few weeks ago as part of National Bowling week we were lucky enough to be asked if we wanted to take the kids bowling. Now this coincided with me being quite poorly but I struggled on manfully. I’m so glad I did as it is one of the best activities that I have ever undertaken with the pair of them, we had so much fun, but interestingly it also taught them about winning, losing and taking turns. All in all, it was actually a perfect Sunday morning.

If you are wondering like I was, how toddlers can possibly go bowling there are several things that are there to help them:

  • You can put the barriers up at the sides, so they don’t lose the ball down the gutter
  • They have little stands which you balance the ball on and then roll it down. This means they don’t actually have to lift the balls up themselves.
  • They have free availability of fruit shoots, chips and other such toddler friendly foodstuffs.
  • On a Sunday morning they appeared to play kids friendly music and videos so they were entertained whilst they waited their turn
  • Tiny toddler bowling shoes start at baby size 6. How cute is that!

Whilst I was there I checked out the offers, at our local bowling alley during week days (term time) you can go bowling for one pound per game. What a bargain for those rainy afternoons when you need to get out and do something! You can also find some very good deals on kids parties where they get to bowl, eat and have fun, certainly something I’ll be looking into. We enjoyed it so much it’s going to be one of our regular family activities. That is high praise from me.


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