Guest Post: Kelly from Domestic Goddesque on Being a Mummy

Kelly writes at Domestic Goddesque her blog is a fabulous combination of domestic matters, parenting and general ranting. I love it, I’ve been reading it for what seems like ages. She has a great way with words. I think you’ll enjoy the post she wrote especially for Being a Mummy Readers!

Little Big Girl asked me this evening what a family is. It’s one of those questions that only a three-year-old can ask: it has so many levels it’s practically philosophical. How do you condense that into a simple enough answer for a three-year-old to understand? After a few moments I replied that ‘a family is a group of people who love each other very much’.

“Good answer Mamma!” She responded. “How was my family made?”

“Mamma and Daddy loved each other so very much that they took all the love they had for each other and they mixed it up and they made you my darling. And we both loved you so very much that we took all the love that the three of us had for each other and mixed it up and made your baby sister.”

“I’m glad that you are my family Mamma. I love my family so very much.” She replied “When I am a Mamma I will mix a family too.”

The essence of my story is not that far from the truth (although I am sure at some point that I shall have to edit the tale with a few more frank details of the mixing process): a family is made from love, and they love each other even when they are cross.

In many ways, the same is true of being a Mamma: since babies don’t come with instruction manuals, all you can do is make it up as you go along and hope that your best intentions are good enough. And if not, that your love will fill the gaps enough to make a difference. It’s an utterly terrifying burden and an exhilarating ‘job’. When I come out the other side of raising my girls, my CV will be so peppered with skills, I cannot believe that people wouldn’t want to hire me. What other job would see you work 24 hours a day, with no remuneration save for the satisfaction of doing the job? I wake up every day never knowing how it will turn out. I am chef, valet, chauffeur, translator, mind-reader, trainer, entertainer, master craftswoman, nurse, baby whisperer, teacher and philosopher. But Mamma is easier to fit on the badge.


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  1. Domestic Goddesque 12th September 2011 / 7:39 am

    You say the nicest things! Thanks for this series: it's fascinating reading the many and varied views on Being a Mummy.

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