Guest Post: Pippa from A Mothers Ramblings on Being a Mummy

Pippa is one of the loveliest and funniest bloggers I have ever met. You can guarantee that she will find a way of making you laugh about even the most dire of circumstances. She writes the brilliant and popular blog A Mothers Ramblings and I was thrilled when she agreed to guest post for me. Her post reads to me like distilled essence of Pippa, she is a brilliant mum and I think it shows, if you haven’t seen her blog before make sure you go and visit.

When I asked if I could talk about being a Mummy I knew what I wanted to say, the words were in my head dangling ready for me to type out, but as I sat there trying to make a sense out of my ramblings I realised that it was much harder trying to explain what I think being a Mummy for me is all about. I was confused because I couldn’t find a start or an end to my thoughts, there are just a whole lot of memories which are melding into feelings that I couldn’t explain.
I figured I should start with those memories that are floating around.There are times when I don’t like being a Mummy. Like when I had to make a choice if Big Boy (my three year old son), should have an operation under general anaesthetic or the time when Top Ender (my seven year old daughter) had a fever that wouldn’t break and a rash that made me think meningitis. The times when I want to hide and I don’t like being a Mummy are heavily outweighed with the times that I love being a Mummy though.
There is that daily moment when Top Ender comes out of school, and I see her searching the crowd of faces to find mine and we smile at each other. That first sleepy hug and kiss from Big Boy in the morning as we cuddle on the sofa. The sneaked kisses I give them both when placing arms and legs back into the warmth of the duvets when I am going to bed. The gasp of delight when they open Christmas gifts, or birthday gifts or find a hidden treat after a treasure hunt around our home and garden.
I always knew I was going to be a Mummy. I made plans when I was younger about how I would raise my family, about what we would do together, how we would be and for the most part that has come true. I am what my childhood self thought of as a fun Mummy, and I think that both Top Ender and Big Boy would agree. It’s the everyday magic that I enjoy creating for them, we all love to make everyday fun and it doesn’t matter if it is from a shaped sandwich at lunch time or by putting food colouring in the bath at bedtime.
I guess that’s why I can’t put my thoughts in to a proper way to explain what being a Mummy means to me, being a Mummy isn’t some separate part of me that was created when I found out I was pregnant, it didn’t happen as I held each of my children for the first time or when I realised that this helpless little Baby was reliant on me (and their Daddy) for everything. It was always a part of me, something that just needed to come out and when it did, well I think it helped shape two pretty brilliant children.
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  1. motivatingmumuk 30th September 2011 / 9:27 pm

    That's really lovely. That sound like my idea of being a mummy too. Sometimes I get there, sometimes I don't but it's good to aspire to….

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