I was so bored

The other day I was questioning the kids about what they had done with the child-minder. I did actually know as she had told me, but I wanted to hear what they had to say:

Boy: I was so bored that I couldn’t breathe….
Fifi: Nuffink!

This is turning into our typical conversations, I know for a fact that they had the most amazing time, which in part, involved going into the woods and building dens! How many children get to do that? I have never done something so adventurous with the kids, so I know that they would have had the time of their lives.

I think it’s a way of making me feel guilty for not being there and also avoiding having to talk. Children are funny though aren’t they? I wanted to write this down to remind me of the conversation for times when they really are bored!


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  1. TheMadHouse 5th September 2011 / 12:50 pm

    Every evening at Dinner we do a news round-up with mini reports from each of us about our day. It really helps them tell you about what they have done. I even make up silly music and do the whole Mummy reporting from The Mad House

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