Review: Gibsons My World, My Body

Under the new regieme in our household the children are not allowed to watch anywhere near as much television and I have to say that things have made a dramatic improvement. Toys are played with, books are read, communication happens, life is better all round. One of the things we have been enjoying are jigsaw puzzles, it’s surprising how many discussions you can build around some simple pictures.

My World, My Body is a great puzzle for two reasons:
You can easily do it with two children
It’s a great way to get pre-schoolers talking and thinking about their body in terms of basic biology

We spent a really enjoyable hour or so making this puzzle and discussing the various facts printed on it. I managed to teach Boy all about his heart and Fifi about breathing. I regard this as a success. Its become a bit of a favourite puzzle for them and I can see it lasting a few years. I’m going to have a look here and see what else they have in their range as it is great quality and I couldn’t believe how reasonably priced it was. It gets a big thumbs up from us!


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  1. Fiz 7th September 2011 / 9:36 pm

    I'm glad the "not much telly" regime is working for you, Claire.

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