Review: LEGO Pharaoh’s Quest, Cursed Cobra Statue

Lego Pharaoh’s Quest is great stuff all round. I can’t help but hum “de-de-de-deeeeeh” under my breath while playing with it, but there’s more to it than an Indiana Jones wannabe. Our lad, whilst being a little too young at 4 to make it for himself, has played with this Lego set more than any other set or construction of bricks we’ve got. Considering he’s a huge fan of my space Lego from the 1980’s and also the more modern Star Wars Lego, this is no mean feat. There’s something inherently rugged and boyish about the Pharaohs Quest range, right down to the stubble on the heroes face.

This set contains a jeep, a large articulated snake and a pyramid/obelisk thingy with a mummy. The snake is very cleverly made, and have proper fangs and everything. It fascinated the boy and provided him with ample opportunities to role play with the set. There were an inordinate number of rescue scenarios played out, with both the snake and the mummy capturing the lady and adventurous rescues being the order of the day. Perhaps we need to move him on to Tomb Raider to show that sometimes the lady can rescue the chap. The set is recommended for 7-14 year olds, but if you build it with them, younger kids can have a lot of fun with it. After a trip or two around the British Museum and the Fitzwilliams Egyptian collections, the boy is even more fascinated by the Lego Pharaoh’s Quest. Retailing for £25.99, you kids will get endless fun out of this set and the rest of the Pharaohs Quest range.


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