She Trained Herself

Probably discussing potty training last year…

I quite often hear of people potty training their kids, staying in the house for weeks on end and so forth. That isn’t the approach for me, far too much effort and stress. Boy was potty trained at about 3 and a half when I sat him on the loo with the bribe of a packet of crisps and from that moment onwards there were no accidents or anything. Clearly, he could have done it for weeks and just couldn’t be bothered.

Fifi has been keen to be a ‘big girl’ and wear knickers for a while. I’ve not been keen, we have had a couple of forays into the potty training territory. Usually lasting about 3 hours at a time before we both give up in agreement that she needs to wear nappies. I’m a busy working mum, I don’t have the opportunity to stay in, I have places to be, things to do. I don’t have all this time to potty train. Perhaps that makes me a bad parent. Who knows.

On Sunday afternoon Fifi insisted that she wear her knickers and use the toilet. I allowed her to go ahead and she has spent the entire week nappy free. She has had two dramatic accidents but that was my own fault. So there you go, I think it’s safe to say that she has in fact potty trained herself. Parenting at its best! Again, more proof that children will potty train themselves when its the right time for them. My advice then, don’t put yourself through the stress, just wait until its time…

Now, if you want to find out more about me and my own brand of parenting, I am proud to say that I am currently Sudocrem Mummy Blogger of the Month.I’m really chuffed about this and it’s so nice to be asked!


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  1. Muddling Along 23rd September 2011 / 6:36 pm

    Yay for Fifi (and for you being sensible enough to wait until the time was right- we were lucky enough to stumble on that approach for Bigger – far easier)

  2. Claire Toplis 24th September 2011 / 10:51 am

    @needaphone sounds easier than when I potty trained my son , it was a nightmare. He used to do some unusual art with you can guess what can't you?. And he would not poo in a tollet or potty for years . What a nightmare ..

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