I wanted to wake up really late…

….but my naughty eyes wouldn’t let me. Just another day in our household and another excuse from the boy. Inspired I thought, generally he is quite good at waking up late its Fifi who is the early bird. It doesn’t matter for me anyway because I am awake most of the night thinking, worrying, being kicked by the baby. Last nights ponderings ranged from the worry of the moment: why are children’s knickers and pants so small or do my kids have big bottoms? to, I wonder if they have managed to keep my former desk at work tidy. In between these thoughts was a brief consideration of what I might do if someone bought the boy that Scooby Doo slime for Christmas. You, know the slimey stuff that gets covered in fluff and ground into the carpets.

Small worries I feel, but I’m quite pleased as for me this is an improvement. It means I have pushed the major worries about life into the background, at least temporarily. The children have worries themselves at the moment, perhaps this is why they are not sleeping. Fifi is concerned because her excessive toe jam removal has lead to the area between her toes getting sore. She is also slightly concerned that Waitrose may remove their little trolleys for Christmas and she wont be able to go around the entire shop grabbing random stuff whilst knocking over old people. The boy is worried he wont be able to wear his Adidas Lightning McQueen jogging bottoms for a while as he has determined they are too long. Oh, to be little.


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  1. Muddling Along 27th October 2011 / 1:31 pm

    That&#39;s a new excuse<br /><br />Glad you are worrying less<br /><br />p.s. best excuse ever from Bigger was that she woke up early because Caramel (her imaginary friend, a cow) woke up and started jumping on her bed… obviously

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