The one where we take the kids to Proud Camden…

Myself and the husband used to go to Camden a lot, one of our friends lived there so we could stay over and spend the whole weekend partying and shopping. Its not somewhere where I would necessarily take children out of choice because these days it is incredibly touristy and busy.

However, we have found that it makes a nice day out if you park at Primrose Hill (free of a weekend) and walk through the leafy streets. You can also get some fabulous views of London from there with the Telecom tower and Millennium Wheel clearly sticking out on the horizon. I can picture myself living a Primrose Hill lifestyle; coffee in the local coffee shop, buying my clothes in the Anna boutique and wandering about the hill. Being a north London girl it would be a dream lifestyle really, close enough to London’s theatres, museums and galleries for cultural activities, yet still villagey. No wonder it’s a favourite location of rock stars.

Anyway this weekends sojourn into the big smoke was because we were invited to try out the new Proud Kids Club. Basically the Proud gallery (and famous burlesque venue) in Camden Stables have started a Kids Club where you can enjoy a meal and the kids have something to do. We thought that might make for a fun day out. Now, I have to say we were promised a Halloween event and although the venue was decked out with scary skeletons there wasn’t a great deal of Halloween happening in the kitch restaurant.

We arrived twenty minutes after they were supposed to have started (although ten minutes earlier than we had said) and they weren’t set up which was a bit awkward. However, everyone was friendly and helpful and the kids loved exploring the venue, especially the pole dancing booths (lol). The Proud venue is seriously impressive, it has that urban Camden feel about it and is a little oasis of calm in the heart of the frenetic Stables Market.

In terms of the food, we didn’t think there was a great deal of choice, especially if you had a vegetarian child, although the portion sizes were impressive for four quid. For adults the menu was quite limited and to be honest, if I was pregnant with my first child there was literally nothing I could have eaten. Since, I’m onto the third and not quite so strict about following guidelines I opted for Nachos with dips and a graze of the hubby’s scrumptious pear and fennel salad and the kids burgers. The food proved good value for money, and it was great to be able to eat at a table peacefully in the heart of Camden. We would definitely go back, purely on that basis. I can’t tell you about desert, as although it had been promised it wasn’t offered, which was a little disappointing because I was banking on getting my main nutrition from a nice pudding…

In terms of kids facilities, somewhere like this is never going to beat one of those pubs with climbing frames etc, but I don’t think that’s what it is trying to do or be. It’s a lovely relaxing venue and our children absolutely loved the Amonzonas swing which frankly, I am lusting after. There were a few other kids toys which they enjoyed playing with and best of all a friendly children’s entertainer. In theory, we could have stayed all afternoon and had a few drinks and a much needed rest. All very trendy suburban North Londony. All very nice and relaxing.

We came out and thought that it was actually a really nice place to take the kids for a weekend lunch, they enjoyed it, we felt relaxed and it made a great change. If you are looking for somewhere reasonable to eat in this part of London with children I don’t think you will go too far wrong here. Although going on our experience you might be the only people there…


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