V-Tech Kidiminiz Kitten from Cuthberts Toys

We are lucky enough in St Albans to have a brilliant independent toy shop called Cuthberts Toys. It’s one of those little gems where you can find a great range of toys. I’ve bought loads of things in there including our mini-micro scooters which were far cheaper than anywhere else and have proved brilliant. So, when I was asked if I wanted to become one of their team of bloggers trying out some of their stock to make sure that its as good as they think I was more than happy to help!

Fifi was given a V-Tech Kidiminiz Kitten which is suitable for 3 + years, she is two and a half going on on forty and well used to playing with her big brothers toys so I knew it would be perfect for her. I have to admit, as someone who is not brilliant with technology I did have my doubts about setting it up for her but that proved easy.

One of the things she loved doing was watching it dance when she clapped her hands, she joined in with excitement which was so cute to see! Of course, the boy (four and a half) got in on the act and decided that his favourite thing to do was to change all the expressions, which to be honest had me a bit puzzled so I’m glad he could do it. Men are always good with this sort of thing aren’t they?

We have had a similar toy to this in the past but it was much smaller and we had two of them so they could talk to each other. I understand that the Kidiminiz do the same thing and it’s for this very reason that the boy has requested one for his Christmas list.

I think this is a really great toy for demonstrating to kids that there is so much more to technology than iPad apps and computer games. It’s also a good way of encouraging them to explore and play alone, I’ve been really surprised how much Fifi has used it. She even goes to bed with it on her little shelf! One of the functions is also an alarm clock, so for under fifteen quid its a really good buy. You’d be hard pressed to find a kids alarm clock for cheaper. It’s very robust, withstands dropping onto hard floors (I know this) and you can get them in a variety of different animals. We like.

Cuthberts Toys also have an on-line shop, they sell their toys at very reasonable prices and I’m more than happy to support a local business, so do make sure you check them out.


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