Vegetable Monsters!

We had a lovely afternoon doing a Halloween themed activity which is actually suitable throughout the year inspired by a project innocent who make those lovely fruit smoothies are doing. Basically the idea is to use fruit and veg to make Veg Monsters and fruity freaks. Its actually a really good idea and enabled me to talk all about fruit and veg with the kids whilst being creative. They loved this and its certainly something that we will be doing again. We used carrots, butternut squash, tomatoes, celery and runner beans.
There are some new innocent magnets in the latest boxes and we used the magnets to name our creations, despite suggestions based on puns like ‘Terry Able’ or ‘Aaaaaaaaaalan’, the kids opted for more conventional monster names as you can see below:
Now if you feel inspired innocent are asking people all over the country to share their fruity freaks and veg monsters online, to be in with the chance of winning an exclusive set of innocent Halloween 0-9 number magnets (which all glow in the dark too).
Here are the instructions for the competition:
1) Make your fruity freak or vegetable monster from the spookiest looking fruit or veg you can find
2) Give it a name and use your innocent magnets to spell it out
3) Take a picture of your spooky creation and post it in our scary Halloween gallery email with your 
flickr name and a postal address.
4) The first 1,000 entries win a set of limited edition glow-in-the-dark Halloween 0-9 number magnets (the perfect addition to our alphabet set)
5) When you’re done with your monster why not use any leftover veg to make a soup or whizz any fruit up into a smoothie?

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