Why I’m Watching X-Factor

Lets face it, those of you that know me will be very aware that I am not a natural X- Factor viewer. I’m more partial to Gardeners World than talent shows. However, since becoming a Yeo Valley Ambassador they have encouraged me to get sucked into the show. I blame their fab rap video which was broadcast in the advert breaks last year.

Last week  I got invited to a meeting to find out the plans for this year. How would they top the rap and worlds cutest owl? Would they even try? Well, you’ll be pleased to hear they have. I have been desperate to tell you all about it, but until now I have been sworn to secrecy.

This year it’s all about BOY BANDS and this means a new band called The Churned! Now I’m sure you will be incredibly disappointed to hear that you will be able watch four young strapping lads go about their boy band business on the Yeo Valley Farm. I found it so difficult I had to watch it twice, just to make sure. Cough. The song has been written by one of the UK’s top songwriters and believe me, it’s very catchy, I’ve been singing it ever since. Which is just as well, as there will be a brilliant Facebook karaoke competition which will be a brilliant laugh but also give you the chance to star in the final advert!

I’ve already printed out my picture of The Churned, I have a special interest in tractors anyway and the boy was keen for me to put it on the fridge….(tip, if you click on the image above you’ll get a bigger version)

The new advert premieres during the first break of The X Factor Live show on Saturday 8th October. The whole set of adverts will run exclusively in The X Factor on ITV1. After the show, fans will be able to watch The Churned’s new video ‘Forever’ on YouTube or via Yeo Valley’s website http://www.yeovalley.co.uk. The single will be available to download on iTunes from 6th October and will even be available as a ringtone.  All details of the sing-a-long competition are on Yeo Valley’s Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/YeoValley

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  1. Mrs C 6th October 2011 / 2:04 pm

    Only one problem – all four of them have facial hair. If you could use your amazing powers to organise for at least one of them to become clean shaven then there'd be a very happy Mrs C here!

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