Review: Mini Boden

Boy and Fifi are well dressed little kids and when the Mini Boden catalogue arrived through the door they quickly set about choosing their dream items of clothing. They know what they like and what they don’t. At the moment I couldn’t really afford to get them what they wanted, they are making do with what they have and hand-me downs. Lucky then that Boden contacted me and asked if the pair of them might like to chose a couple of items from their range to try.

Fifi took the challenge up straight  away and from the girls clothing selected this sweatshirt dress to replace the one she insists on wearing daily which is too small in the arms. For little girls this is brilliant, in the spring/ early autumn it could be worn as a dress on its own, when its a bit colder you can just pop a top and some tights or leggings underneath and you have the ultimate in comfort clothing. She liked the red stripey version. She loves stripes. When it arrived we were really pleased, not only is it great quality, we picked a size up from her age (shes a big girl) and it fits her perfectly. She loves the deep, big pocket and has worn it constantly. I have washed it twice and it looks as good as new. I think I might ask for another for Christmas for her.

The boy likes all things with skulls on so we were really pleased to find this jumper with a skull  on the front in the boys clothing. It’s nice because it is actually knitted rather than a sweatshirt like all his other stuff. He selected these trousers to match. He thinks he looks a cool dude, I think he looks cute. They fit perfectly. It’s a win, win situation as its quite hard to find ‘nice’ boys clothes. The quality is great, they seem hard-wearing I don’t think you can go wrong really.

Just in case, like me, you are pregnant and on the lookout for some great maternity wear it’s worth noting that Boden have just launched their winter maternity wear range. I’m hoping they ask if I want to try some!


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