Monday, 7 November 2011

Review: Phillips Airfryer

We were very excited to receive a Phillips Airfryer and some recipe ingredients for review a couple of weeks ago. I've been eyeing them up for sometime, mainly because I'm on an economy drive and I'm convinced that home-made chips and wedges will prove a lot cheaper and healthier than oven chips or those bought at the chip shop.

When the Airfryer arrived we were really surprised at how big it is, for us this was a major downside because worktop space in the kitchen is limited. However, it does look nice which is a bonus. Anything to improve my exhausted old kitchen!

Anyway, we took the challenge and cooked what are essentially chicken nuggets and chips in the Airfryer. This proved interesting as I've never done something like this before. It was a bit fiddly to prepare the chicken and I needed to cook them in two batches (which isn't perfect) as we eat a lot in our house! However, the cooking process in the Airfryer was really easy and quick. I cooked the chips after the chicken and kept the chicken warm in the (top) oven, the only part of our oven the actually works. The chips required a bit of fiddling about, you had to open the drawer and give them a shake a couple of times. For me, this was a bit of a hassle because I am a bit of a shove in the oven and leave type. However, they were cooked exceptionally quickly.

Chicken Nuggets

Really very nice chips
The best thing about the Airfryer is that you end up with really, really nice chips. Exceptionally nice chips. In fact, we have had it for a few weeks and several guests have actually requested airfryer chips! So we gave them 10/10! The chicken nuggets were good, the children liked them and I thought they made a nice change. However, I don't think I will cook them as a meal on a regular basis because they were quite fiddly to do, unless that is we were going to have them cold in the summer as part of a picnic. Overall the we gave the meal 7/10 because it did take me a fair bit of time to do. However the kids ate every last scrap of it, which is a real improvement on what normally happens...

We have tried a few other recipes in the Airfryer, not least because our main oven broke. They have all proved quick and easy to cook and compared with the Tefal Actifry the speed is a definite benefit. I have to say that it you enjoy real chips, like the ones your mum used to make in the deep fat fryer then YOU MUST go out and buy one of these it will be one of the best kitchen investments you make...

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Mark said...

So seldom I read reviews, but I did this one because I've been hankering after one of these. The chips thing probably swayed it for me.


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