Review: V-Tech Kidizoom Twist from Cuthberts Toys

We have always been skeptical of kids cameras because the resolution on all the ones we have tried so far has simply been a bit duff. However, the boy has been lusting after the V-Tech Kidizoom Twist. So when we were offered the chance to review one for our local and most excellent toyshop Cuthberts Toys, the boy stepped up to the mark and  did his best for you.

The Kidizoom Twist is a massive improvement on previous kids cameras, not only does it have 2.0 Mega pixels it functions as both a camera and a video camera. There are also lots of little animations/ pictures which you can add to your photographs. We were impressed that the boy (aged four) could use it with minimal help from us. It is quite simply intuitive.

a self portrait

One of the things the boy loves about the camera and which I think puts it leagues above the competition is the lens which swivels around. This enables him to film long monologues of himself, which I am archiving for when he has kids of his own.

This camera is actually all singing and dancing, it has more features than you could poke a stick at. You can even do voice recording. I think its a great way of introducing kids to technology and it seems so well built and robust that even little Fifi at 2 (although not recommended age) has no problems handling it. I am no longer living in fear that my camera will get wrecked, the boy can indulge in his favourite pastime of film making. If you are thinking about getting your child a camera for Christmas, this is the one…


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