Who fancies a bit of Karaoke?

In the dim and distant past, before I was a killjoy I remember indulging in a little bit of drunken karaoke with the husband to be. It was New Year we were at our local pub, I think we were engaged. We sang that classic tune ‘Especially for you’. The thought fills me with horror.

Anyway, I know that lots of people have been missing the Yeo Valley ad on the X-Factor featuring fab boy band The Churned. As a Yeo Valley ambassador I feel it is my duty to point you in the direction of their website. You’ll find it a challenging site to view, all those pictures of young farmers and their tractors…

I really wanted to tell you all about the competition which is running on the Yeo Valley Facebook pages. It’s a really fun one if you enjoy a bit of karaoke and are up for a laugh. You can win the chance to feature in the last Yeo Valley ad to be screened. All you need to do is to record yourself singing along to The Churned, you’ll find all the information here. I have to admit, I haven’t done it yet, is on my list to do. Honest. Well, OK, perhaps I’m going to bribe the kids to do it for me, does that make me a bad mother?


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