Educational Tourist Spots to Visit on your Family Holiday to Vietnam

When considering where to take your brood on your next holiday, why not take a look at Vietnam? As a holiday destination, it has it all. Friendly locals, a fascinating history, beautiful scenery and of course, delicious cuisine. The cultural and educational experiences that Vietnam holidays offer is something that will be remembered by your family for years to come. Here is a list of the top five most educational experiences to enjoy with your children whilst visiting The Land of Smiles.
1 – Investigate the Cu Chi Tunnels, Ho Chi Minh City
This immense network of underground tunnels, which underlie much of the country, must be seen to be believed. The tunnels were used by guerrilla fighters during the Vietnam War and helped to secure the military success which resulted in US troops withdrawing from Vietnam. If you wish, you can explore the tunnels and cram yourselves into the tiny hiding spaces used by the troops. It’s also worth taking a look at the gruesome traps fashioned from bamboo spikes that were used in the conflict.
2 – Experience the Mekong Delta
This region in the south of the country is one of South East Asia’s most fascinating landscapes. A visit to the Delta provides young travellers with the opportunity to learn about the area’s culture in an interesting and interactive way. There are many tours to choose from but the majority involve travelling by boat through the winding canals of the Delta before hopping on bikes to explore the local villages.
3 – Sail Halong Bay
Located 170km north of Hanoi, Halong Bay is one of the Natural Wonders of the World. Jump aboard a traditional junk boat and weave between more than 1000 imposing limestone kaarsts and islands. Halong Bay is an area rich in diverse eco-systems including caves, freshwater lakes, mangroves and coral reefs.
4 – Cooking Course in Hoi An
This charming, traditional town is one of the best spots to learn how to cook Vietnamese cuisine. The plethora of cooking schools in the town offer day courses which take in the sights and sounds of local markets, teach you about the essential ingredients used to produce their delicious and healthy food and then guide you through the cooking process ensuring you all return home with a new skill.
5 – Visit Hill Tribes in Sapa
Sapa, in the north west of Vietnam on the border of China, is the main market town serving the numerous hill tribes in the region. The area’s beautiful landscapes consist of terraced paddy fields, sweeping valleys and imposing mountain ranges. Climb to the top of Ham Rang Mountain to get the best views of the town, explore the locals markets or don your walking boots and head out on another trek to get back to nature.
Many children only ever learn about history, geography and other cultures out of text books thrust upon them in stuffy classrooms. Take your children on a holiday to Vietnam and allow them to experience it for themselves.

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