Good Energy

Recently I read a really worrying report in the newspaper which talked about methane being released from Arctic Ice. The discovery had been made by Russian scientists and could have a major impact on the environment because its a greenhouse gas. It’s a really major discovery which could actually influence our climate during our lifetime. As usual with these things there wasn’t a great deal of coverage, however it highlighted to me the importance of trying to be as green as possible in our everyday lives.

That’s where Good Energy comes in, they an energy supplier which uses renewable energy to generate their power. That’s wind, water, sun and biogeneration to the likes of you and me. They also have a handy shop which sells energy saving products for around the home. Now I’ve been introduced to their website I’m actually really interested in this idea. At the moment we use one of the ‘standard’ suppliers but I am seriously considering a switch.

One of the reasons behind my thinking is that we nearly had some solar panels installed on our house recently. We both thought this was a great idea until we considered the potential impact it might have on our ability to sell our house if we had effectively leased the roof space to someone else. It seemed too much of a gamble at the moment to risk this. So where do you go from there, if you want to play your part in the green movement and feel that you have done your bit for future generations? Well, this could very well be the answer. Good Energy have won loads of ethical awards, they seem a very responsible company and from reading their documentation I like their ethos.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one, do you use a renewable energy supplier? Have you considered solar panels? How do you play your part to combat climate change?


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