My Christmas List; Which I shall try to purchase in the January sales…

It’s probably wrong, I’m sure it is, but over the past few years I have implored my friends and family NOT to buy me anything for Christmas. I genuinely prefer to give rather than receive. I’m also incredibly mean and I don’t like to see money wasted and there is nothing that causes a pain in the very pit of my stomach like seeing one of my Christmas gifts half price or more in the January sales. In fact, this causes me a little bit of distress if I have purchased the item for a friend or family. I try not to look at those things. The waste of money, just criminal. Heart-wrenching. 

That’s not to say I won’t be keeping a beady eye out for the following items with which to spend my Christmas cash in the January Sales.

Top of my list is the Fat Face Georgina Gilet, I love the colour, need a new one and this one looks perfect. I really hope they reduce this and they have it in my (estimated) size.

The People Tree Cosy Beret. How cute is this?

Lancome Tinted Moisturiser. I’m running low on supplies and this is the best I’ve found…

My dream item is this Ipad 2 I reckon it would be really handy for myself and the kids. If only they sold these half price…

There are any number of books I want, but I’d really really love a few Nigel Slater cookery books to stop me having to check out the Internet every time I want to  cook something delicious.

That’s pretty much it, oh, I wouldn’t turn down a bar of Dairy Milk chocolate if I cant get any of the rest and a night out with the hubby and without having to worry about the children would be one of the best gifts anyone could give me!

What did you ask for this year?


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