Perhaps its because its third time around

…but this time the actual pregnancy has not been anywhere near as hard. My main issue is with the illnesses which the children keep coming home with. The other weekend the husband went to Abu Dhabi as part of his role as a Shell V- Power Network of Champions. Before he left I felt pretty rough, by the time he was on the plane I wondered if I would last the weekend. Literally laying on the sofa passing in and out of consciousness as the kids prodded me, demanded crisps and destroyed the house.

A trip to the docs confirmed my lung had got infected and I needed lots of antibiotics. I’ve finished those but still feel poorly. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that first time around there is no way I would have coped, the endurance training of all those nights clearly does something for you physically and mentally. This week I’ve been doing DIY, chopping down stuff, filling skips and painting not something I would have previously even dreamt of doing whilst poorly, looking after 2 small children and eight months pregnant.

I suppose this time it could be easier because Fifi is older than boy was when I had her. She is nearly three, he was nearly two and looking back over the year that year really makes a massive difference. Partly because she is potty trained which reduces the need to deal with smelly nappies which is something which my hormones wont really allow me to do without retching…

The other thing with a third pregnancy is the speed at which everything goes, there is no chance to sit and read a book detailing how many millimetres your baby has grown that week. You soon find out by the size of the bump and then before you know it you think you are going to pop at any moment.

I’ve a feeling this baby may be early, its definitely ready to come. I always think they are easier in than out, its arrival will be my real endurance test!


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  1. PantsWithNames 9th December 2011 / 1:58 pm

    I found exactly the same. Half the time in my third pregnancy I forgot that I was pregnant. Just not the time to sit down and take it easy!<br /><br />Enjoy these last few days of calm. I found the first year of baby 3 also flew by – compared to my first one anyway. <br /><br />Enjoy, and I do have to say that I have really enjoyed having 3. Chaos frequently, but once embraced it is just lovely.

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