Review: Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 on Xbox 360

In video game terms, about the best thing that can happen to a movie franchise is getting a Lego tie in. Star Wars, Indiana Jones and of course Harry Potter have all had really great Lego adaptations, to the point where most recent non Lego games the films have spawned have looked, well, a bit ordinary.

Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 charts the course of the last 3 books/films and follows on from the first game, which funnily enough covered years 1-4 (the first 4 books). If you’ve played the first game you’ll know exactly what to expect with this. You get to control Harry, Ron and Hermione but you’ll probably have as much fun pottering around (see what I did there?) as one of the kids familiars, like Ron’s rat.

Graphically the game is pretty lush, it’s almost too good looking for a Lego, but having said that I’ve only played Lego games on the Wii before. In fact we had trouble playing the game, because we were entranced by the animated introduction.

Once we started playing the game however, the kids were happy to run around in game (the multi player works as well as ever, splitting the screen if the two characters wander too far apart. They were able to follow the on screen instructions to operate some of the more basic puzzles early on but as soon as it got a bit tricksy, I got passed the controller to deal with the harder bits. That’s fine by me and to be completely honest it didn’t spoil the kids enjoyment one bit. I think they viewed it as some sort of interactive film!

The game is rated 7 and over by PEGI, for violence and fear but to be completely honest, any children younger than this aren’t going to be able to deal with the puzzles on their own anyway. Besides, the games just so much fun, it would be a shame to let the kids monopolise it!

Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 is out now on multiple formats.


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