Review: The QuickSmart Original Backpack Stroller by Mookie

One of the things we really struggle with when travelling with the kids is bringing the pushchair along. Invariably the pushier doesn’t fit into the car without wedging 100 other things elsewhere. When we flew out on our holiday to Italy we decided not to even bother with a pushchair, it simply wasn’t worth the effort.

When I was offered a Backpack Stroller to review I really thought we had to give it a go, I had not even heard of such a thing previously. A revelation, in pushchair format.

The Backpack Stroller comes in a handy backpack, its very light considering how sturdy it is. The information provided suggests that once folded its overhead luggage size on the air plane, I would check with your air plane though. The fact that it folds small into a backpack is brilliant though, not only does that mean you can stroll about with it after dropping a child off without having to push it, but it will fit into the car when going on those UK family holidays.

I have to admit at first attempt to put up the pushchair I utterly failed. However, the husband did it without even looking at the instructions. I’m feeble and not good with technology clearly. But I did find it a little baffling, so be prepared.

Once we had constructed the pushchair is remarkably sturdy, easy to push and well made. I even liked the design. We tried 2 (and three quarters) year old Fifi in it and took her for a stroll, she seemed to fit, although it would not be suitable for her 4 year old brother. He she is before we set off on our walk, see what I mean about size?

Anyway, in terms of use, the pushchair the steering was not brilliant and I don’t think you could really push it one handed whilst it had a child in it. However, it would do the job on holiday perfectly well. I’m actually very pleased with it because for us, size is the main consideration. I would suggest though that you check it out in the shop before you buy to make sure that it is suitable for your family.

Here is the press bumpf and a video which I thought in this instance might be very handy: The Backpack Stroller weighs less than 9 pounds and folds down in four quick steps into a backpack. The real selling point for this product is that airlines accept as carry- on and fits snuggly into the overhead locker so there is no need to check it in or worry about it getting lost or damaged in transit. There’s a handle for tall parents and an extra high backrest for passenger comfort. The Backpack Stroller is suitable for use from 6 months up to a child of 45 pounds and has a retractable hood for shade (RRP £122.00). You can get one via Mookie Toys.


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