There he is…

…I cant see Teddy anywhere. First Teddy was stuck in a tree and now daddy is stuck in a tree’ So says Peppa Pig for the millionth time today. At the moment I am stuck indoors on an endless conveyor belt of illness which seems to manifest itself in endless kids television. It’s the sort of torture which they probably applied at Guantanamo Bay. Now I know why people splash out and have newspapers delivered. How I yearn for a bit of BBC Breakfast news, even Daybreak would be preferable.

I have to admit, I am not struggling mentally quite as much as I thought I would, although my patience is wearing a little bit thin. Aside from a trip to Butlins, the school run and a few trips to the doctors, I’ve not actually left the house for nearly a month. When I drove to the doctors yesterday for an appointment with the midwife it felt really weird outside in the real world. It must be how old people feel when they go to the day centre or something!

Anyway, at the moment all I want for Christmas is everyone to be well. Anything else would be a bonus…


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