And that is why I studied really hard….

The questions have started coming, I’ve been trying to keep a bit of a mental note of them. Some of them flummox me, some are straightforward but problematical to explain simply. Let me give you some examples:

Why are bogeys hard?
Well, I can only assume its because they have dried out because they haven’t been picked/ blown out whilst they were runny. As @FossilFestival told me on twitter ‘I’m pretty sure they are sedimentary, and hardness may mean morphed due to environmental conditions.’ Twitter provides the answer to everything!

How did I come out of your tummy?
I felt like I needed to do a big poo, a sort of Fifi poo and there you were. I was astonished the child was happy with this explanation, but there you go!

Where do these spots come from?
Minor panic aside I attempt to think of an easy to understand non-frightening to a toddler answer. And so I reply: ‘anyone fancy an apple?’

In fact, when I think about these questions the vast majority appear to be related to the bodily functions of themselves or others (including various superheros). Good job I listened in Biology at school then…


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  1. Therealsupermum 30th January 2012 / 8:26 pm

    The lovely &#39;WHY&#39;questions I have 2 children that are currently going through this stage.<br /><br />x

  2. Erica Price 31st January 2012 / 4:40 pm

    I&#39;m amazed the birth/poo answer worked. But you never know what will.

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