Check out your own stuff on the television with Xbox Live Gold

Our household is lucky enough to be participating in the Xbox Live Gold Ambassador scheme. It proved an eye opener to me because prior to this the Xbox was really the domain of the husband. However, I’ve used it loads in the past month for television, movies and also showing the kids our uploaded YouTube videos.

I tend to use YouTube sporadically, I have my own channel for this blog and tend to put up reviews and so forth on there. I also have a locked down channel which we use for friends and family, its this one which is most appealing to the kids. The YouTube feature on the Xbox live means that they can watch movies of themselves as babies on the family television rather than my small netbook. It is quite captivating.

Of course, there’s a whole world out there and it seems like the majority of it is available at your fingertips on YouTube and lots of TV shows. You can re-live your youth, check out old music videos and loads more. Its great to be able to watch them on the television. That’s me totally sucked in…


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