The Many and Varied Hats of Ned; Part one

I’ve realised that little Ned can wear a different hat every day of the week, he has a few of his own and lots that he has inherited. I’m not complaining, it’s brilliant and I’m very jealous, but then my hat did cost £1 in the Tesco sale. Anyway, I’ll try and showcase a few over the next few weeks, just so you can all go Awwww!

The first hat comes courtesy of Mrs C, who I presume may make one for you if you ask, as she does have an Etsy shop.

Image copyright Cocoon Photography who I think captured the little fella superbly!


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  1. Jen Walshaw 29th January 2012 / 12:45 pm

    I do not fancy buying a hat, but do you think there is a Ned for sale anywhere?

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