What did blogging ever do for you?

I walk past this tree at least four times a day, its in someones back garden. I’m always struck by how beautiful it looks silhouetted by the sun. This time of year it reminds me of those blood vessels in your eyeball, of how life can take many twists and turns, dead ends and so on. In short, it makes me think about lots of different things.

At the moment I’m struck by how life changing this blog has been for myself, the husband and the kids. Not only is it incredibly cathartic to write, we have had so many different experiences as a result of it. My outlook on life and opinions about a massive range of things have changed as I have read other peoples perspectives on things via the blogging community.

We have also had the opportunity to test and review loads and loads of things which we would never have tried. We have been on foreign trips, acquired loads of technology, learnt tons about social media, met some brilliant inspirational people and made some genuine real life friends and filled our house with toys! I would never had imagined it would have lead to this when I sat at my computer four years ago and randomly picked a name for it and started typing. If anyone ever asks me if they should start their own blog all I can do is reflect on my experiences, good and bad, then tell them to go for it.

Before Christmas we were lucky enough to have a chance to experience Xbox Live and I wrote a few blog posts about it. I hope you enjoyed them, they did include my rather epic Playmobil re-enaction of how the television with Xbox live really helped us through a week of sickness, which led to me winning a television! Anyway, I wondered if you could do me the massive favour of filing in this short survey- with the incentive of winning a prize.  http://survey.euro.confirmit.com/wix3/p827409305.aspx?W=2&Source=10 

If you are a blogger yourself, I’d know what keeps you blogging, what your best experiences have been and if you leave a link to your site in the comments I will pop over and have a look…


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  1. Mark 31st January 2012 / 9:19 pm

    That&#39;s what comes from having one of the best mum blogs around – if not THE best actually.<br /><br />I was offered a book to review today (wow!) , so I&#39;ve some way to catch up – but then the bike shed is written for different reasons; one of the things that makes blogs so good.

  2. Emily O 31st January 2012 / 10:07 pm

    I&#39;ve often questioned why I blog. I started blogging because I found it therapeutic, then I got swept into the whole blogging community world thing for a bit which meant lots of new opportunities, a chance to earn money and meet new people and witness and, occasionally be part of, the spats as well. Now, after illness, it&#39;s just become about therapeutic writing again and I enjoy it for

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