The Bottom Lip

I think its a universal small child thing but the outward thrust of a bottom lip to denote annoyance, sadness and many other states is something which I find a little puzzling. I don’t think its a learnt behaviour, I don’t think I do it now, although friends and family could possibly tell you something different. However both children seem to have perfected the art of lip thrusting. Its quite a useful indicator of trouble brewing.

There’s a PHD in determining when a child begins to stick out their bottom lip. I’ve been watching little Ned and I don’t think he has done it yet. I’ll try to record the day he does it here for digital posterity. Here are a few circumstances which have lead to facial contortion. I’m glad the wind hasn’t blown too strongly on these occasions…

  • The provision of a vanilla yogurt as opposed to strawberry
  • Fishfingers with smooth batter as opposed to bright orange bobbly stuff
  • The addition of chicken to a jacket potato
  • The fact the car seat was in the back and not in the front
  • The wrong coloured hand towel
  • Putting on Dora with magic unicorns as opposed to Dora Superbabies
  • The suggestion that homework should be done
  • The fact that a long sleeved Ben 10 T-shirt was in the wash
  • Running out of weetabix
  • Custard creams instead of chocolate digestives
  • She looked at me funny
  • He looked at me funny
  • School
  • Playgroup
    My refusal to put on [insert name] DVD
  • My decision to watch the news on the television in my bedroom
  • The suggestion that sandals were not appropriate footwear in the snow

I’m tempted to start using the bottom lip again myself…


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  1. Caroline Rose 24th February 2012 / 12:46 pm

    My little chap who is four months, sticks his bottom lip out just before a big cry! It must be innate I think. It's usually accompanied by a very sad look in his eyes which just makes me want to eat him up!! Poor little chap…

  2. Richmond Mummy 25th February 2012 / 5:24 pm

    hahah v funny, my little girl hasn't mastered the bottom lip thing yet, she's only 1, but she still manages to throw a strop if she doesn't get what she wants so am sure the lip thing will follow in time! x

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