The Future of Your Fridge!

As a Yeo Valley Brand Ambassador I get to do lots of lovely things and taste loads of yogurt. Its a hard task going down to the beautiful family run farm in Somerset to try out the latest flavours and sample their wonderful organic foods. Yesterday I went down there and found a veritable visual and edible feast.

Just look at the new packaging, I think it will look just fab in the fridge.

I especially like the new milk and butter packs, I suspect they might start a trend. Why have corporate style packaging when you can have lovely flowers, great colours and some great recipe ideas to try? Thats aside from the top quality product contained within. The new packaging is special in that it does give you feel of general atmosphere, vibe and ethos of the Yeo Valley farm. As one of the few familiar brands which is still owned and run by the family that created it, it’s really great that they have re-embraced their roots through their packaging. Even better though, it will just look fab when you open the fridge. This got me thinking, there is a lot more than fridge manufacturers could do, funky interior doors and salad drawers would be a great touch.

Now you’ve had a sneak peak at the packaging you’ll have to keep a look out for the new flavours. My favourites were blueberry, raspberry and passion fruit and 0% fat vanilla. There is also a treat for those of us who like to have a Saturday night treat; ‘top notch yogurts’ are swanky premium yogurt tubs which come in 3 different flavours, zingy lemon and lime is my favourite, but I think you’ll be inclined to try them all to make up your own mind.

In other news, the entire kids range has been re-packaged and there are some new smoothie yogurts which are perfect for primary school age kids as they are a bit bigger than the Little Yeos. I suspect they will become firm favourites in our household. Keep an eye out for the kids range as there is a very special offer which links to the new website.

If you ever get a chance to go down to the Yeo Valley Farm on one of their open days (there are more events to come throughout the year) make sure you grab the opportunity, you’ll be impressed and inspired and you’ll never buy a different brand again…


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  1. Mark 10th February 2012 / 6:01 pm

    I used to drive past the Yeo Valley factory quite regularly – it&#39;s bigger than I imagined.<br /><br />I think their natural yoghurt is the absolute best – one of the few products that has never been equaled by an own brand.

  2. Fiz 11th February 2012 / 7:50 pm

    The only yoghurts I have ever liked are Yeo Valley.

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