Film Review: Mirror Mirror (alternatively titled: when I spotted Bill Oddie, some dwarves and another bloke off the telly)

15th March 2012 No Comments

It’s not often that you find yourself trying to persuade two under five year olds that they need to go to the toilet whilst you are standing next to Bill Oddie, but that was the scenario I found myself in this morning. It followed an incident where I attempted to get the children to agree to be photographed with some of the now celebrity seven dwarves. Nice chaps, the dwarves, I wonder if they all live in large mansions in Hollywood the amount of films they all star in.

Anyway, having been asked to go along to the screening of Julia Roberts new film Mirror Mirror and comment on that rather than recap my attempts at celebrity gawping I suppose I should give you the low down. Mirror Mirror is an attempt at re-telling the Snow White story, its sort of a tale of female empowerment, cunning and why it’s good to learn to sword fight rather than learn the dark arts.

This is one of those films which you will either love or hate. Being contrary, I came away a little confused. I absolutely loved the costumes and the colouring of the film, I absolutely loathed about 70 % of the script and thought the production overall somehow made it look like an American television programme. I also never thought I would find someone saying the words ‘Mirror, Mirror’ quite so cringe-worthy, however, when Julia Roberts says ‘Mee-wah, Mee-wah’ I wanted to sink into my chair. It was only the fantastic special effects which happened at the same time which stopped me from losing interest.

That’s the thing, it’s quite a long kids film and despite a few absolutely terrible moments, there are plenty of jokes and the most amazing effects and costume and this all seems to keep the interest going. I was doubtful my two accomplished cinema veterans aged 3 and 4 would tell me they enjoyed it, but they did. They genuinely did. Boys favourite character was the prince and Fifi was absolutely captivated by Snow White. The husband was captivated by her eyebrows apparently, but then you cant have it all can you?

Mirror Mirror is a fun kids film which you can watch as an adult without being too traumatised. I don’t think I’d personally choose to watch it again but the kids have already asked me for the DVD. I suppose I could force myself to have a look at the absolutely amazing costumes, it wont be too much of a hardship. It should also say ‘with added Sean Bean’ on the poster, after all, what film of any value doesn’t have him in it? *ahem*

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