Make Each Day Precious

Has anyone ever noticed that there are on average, eight times more women with babies in prams waiting at bus stops than there are cars with one man in a suit driving at any given time at rush-hour? How many of those mummy days are spent standing in the rain?  In protest to these odds, or in memorandum to your present lot in life, or just for fun, I suggest that the first Monday of each month be dedicated to mothers and babies driving in cars to their destination. Commandeering the family car one day a month, or even arranging a cheap car rental, would create a change in thinking that makes life a little easier for woman doing the hardest job in the world; raising children. May I go so far as to suggest that this day be used to go somewhere special, somewhere new, maybe even in partner with other mums, as arranged get-togethers in parks, with maybe a picnic.  Let yourself loose and go somewhere none of you have ever been before. A quick stop at a deli, a roadmap and a wish for something new; that is the break I am talking about!
Too much of motherhood is about repetitious drudgery and marking things off of a list of errands. Too often the TV or computer games replace being present and interacting with your child. This finite time of motherhood will pass all too soon and mothers will come out of the haze of daily sameness with the regret that they did not stop and explore life enough with their baby. Babies know joy. They know boredom. They know when you mean your smile and when it has become rote. Take this advice and find a new museum, historical house, or churchyard. Many of these preserved architectural finds also have beautiful well cared for gardens with wonderful pathways and ponds. Check with the local tourist board in neighbouring towns and villages. They may have maps and flyers with many places to explore. You could live near a fascinating historical remnant and never even know it.
Your local library might have books on places to go and things to do. Ask the librarian for help. The Internet has thousands of links to help you explore your area and with a little know-how, one can make a potentially dreary day into a cherished memory.
Try to set up a group with other mothers and rotate who has to find a new and different outing plan, complete with providing a new and different lunch. You will grow to look forward to having a few days a year where you do not have to think about making plans, preparing food, and packing a picnic. And besides, a picnic always tastes better when you did not make it and it is a surprise! Take the camera, take the lunch and be forever grateful that you have taken this precious time with your young children and babies to explore and play and be with friends.
Diane Pfister is a duel citizen of the USA and UK, who has spent the last thirty years travelling, writing and painting her way across Europe and the United States. Her involvement in goes back twenty years and her paintings may be seen at Diane welcomes responses to both her art and her writings.

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