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15th March 2012 No Comments

My Phonics Kit from Oxford Reading Tree has recently been produced with the aim to help parents support the Year 1 Phonics check. As I am interested in helping my children to learn to read and spell at home I was very keen to have a little look. We spend ages at home going through phonics with boy, who is currently in Reception. He finds them hard, not least because he cant sound all the words out properly with his speech issues. I don’t feel that the school have been terribly supportive with this and so I am doing my best with him at home.

My Phonics Kit is aimed at Year 1 and boy is in Reception and still at the start of his learning journey, so I cant give a reasoned and tested response to it yet. I don’t think I need to though because Tasha has reviewed it magnificently here. However, I have found it extremely useful to know what I am aiming at when trying to teach Boy his phonics at home. Furthermore as part of the generation for whom the Government dropped the necessity to learn grammar I have found the parents notes very useful indeed.

When Boy first started learning phonics the entire thing was a mystery to me and it is only through looking at packs such as this, websites and books including the Jolly Phonics series that I have begun to be able to understand them and thus be able to help my child. Fortunately now I am in a much better position to help Fifi and Ned when the time comes.

I would suggest that this little kit which includes a CD, workbooks and a reward chart are invaluable. I think it would be an excellent preparation for the ‘check’: essentially a test for 5 year olds which I am not sure I agree with. I also think it would be great for a Reception child who has grasped the basics of phonics and needs to develop their skill a bit further.

From the press release: Independent literary consultant, Laura Sharp, who led the development of the Kit, said: “The Oxford Reading Tree is a well-established programme and a trusted resource used by teachers across the UK. We have developed ‘My Phonics Kit’ to give parents this same level of support and enable them to provide as much guidance as possible to their children with reading activities at home.”
‘My Phonics Kit’ will be widely available to purchase from 02 February 2012 at an RRP of £9.99. It is the latest addition to the wide range of Oxford University Press phonics resources for parents, which includes the free eBooks and advice on, the ‘Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper’ books available on the high-street and the ‘Songbirds Phonics’ series by the Children’s Laureate, Julia Donaldson.
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