When Warner Brothers Took Pity on Me

You know what its like, the kids are off, its the school holidays you are filled with a mixture of excitement at the possibilities and mild dread about having to entertain them all day long for days on end. It’s something that genuinely worried me which is why I decided to be pro-active this half term and book activities for them to do every day of the week. That still left a fair amount of time in between day trips and activities, time to fill and lets be honest I’m not paid to be a Redcoat, so the television was on. Luckily my kids love movies and cartoons so when Warner Brothers offered to supply a series of DVD’s to assist with entertaining them I was more than happy to accept.

First up was Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated. For some reason the Boy has decided that Scooby Doo is one of the best things you can watch. I think is because I banned Ben 10 because it was too violent. He loves these two DVDs in particular the episode with the villain dressed up as a radioactive skeleton (an episode which caused another little boy to literally quake in his boots I hasten to add, so you need to watch it with your child first time around). I have to admit, I quite enjoy watching them too, even after nearly thirty years I find it amusing to find out that the creepy monster is actually Mr Smith the caretaker…

In the interests of fairness I let Fifi take ownership of this magnificent Bumper Box of Toons. It includes ten DVDs and all the old favourites are represented. As Fifi is the worlds greatest Tom and Jerry fan this was an opportunity for her to check out Bug Bunny, Tazmanian Devil, Speedy Gonzales and Road Runner amongst others. Its been another trip down memory lane for me and now the kids run around screeching ‘Beep, Beep’.

You cant go wrong with these for a bit of good old televisual entertainment, they are great for all the family and saved me from endless Cbeebies and the film Spirit which Fifi has taken to wanting to watch everyday…


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