A Little Yeo Tasting Session

I’m currently using the Vax Carpet cleaner on the carpet. Its all Yeo Valleys fault. They decided, (since I’m one of their brand ambassadors) That it was a great idea to do a toddler tasting session on their new Smoothies and repacked yoghurt. You know, get it from the horses mouth and all. So, I found myself surrounded by toddlers and reception age kids armed with lots and lots of yoghurt. It wasn’t all bad, their mums where there, wipes in hand and to be fair the carpet did need a good old clean anyhow as Fifi likes to wander around with the house with a Yeo Tube. So, to be fair, I am used to it.

So what did they think? The new Yeo Smoothies went down a treat with everyone and I have to admit the mums enjoyed those as well. The new packaging of the Tubes caused several fights as the pink and orange ones appeared to be most highly sought after. They loved the packaging of the 4 pack yoghurt and the mums (also testing- and why not!) thought that the flavours were much improved.

If you want to find out more about the range and find lots of yummy recipes and activities make sure you check out the Little Yeo website


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