Adventures in #nissanleafcar21

In case you don’t know my hubby is involved in a competition to win an electric car, he’s a motoring fanatic, part of the Shell Network of Champions team. There is nothing he likes more than a bit of motoring and myself and the kids have been dragged from pillar to post watching cars being raced around tracks and to garages to see the latest new cars. He was literally over-joyed to be asked to try out the Nissan Leaf electric car and we are currently on a two week test drive. Keep reading below the badge:
I’ve had to book a time to take a drive with him, friends and family have been flocking to have a go. He keeps disappearing and I wonder where he has gone only to see the car missing from the drive. You see, that’s the thing, its so quiet I don’t actually hear him making a get away. Its the perfect car for sneaking around in. Anyway, today I thought I would give him a real challenge. I asked him to transport me and the kids to the shops (well, John Lewis actually as I wanted to check out their bath mats- but that is another story). I thought this would be a logistical nightmare, we have trouble at the weekends fitting everyone and everything into our knackered old Zafira- it all goes, but you need to ram the pushchair in and sort of balance it whilst holding the boot down. However, I was really surprised, it fitted 2 toddler seats, a baby seat and us with the Stokke Xplory in the boot (with room to spare). I think it must be wider than the Zafira, or maybe the seatbelts are fixed slightly differently.

Driving about in an electric car is a real experience, one of the things I do whilst driving along is listen to the sound of the engine to help me judge when to change gears. That doesn’t happen with an electric car. You also appear to need very little skill when reversing into a parking space as there is an onboard camera so you can see the curb! The kids loved the fact that its a bit well, pokey- compared to my Zafira at least. There were lots of cries of ‘Weeee, weeeee, hahahah’. It all made for a really fun journey.

I’ve quite fallen in love with this little car, its great fun, creates a mini storm as people actually stop to look at it in admiration. We came back from shopping to find a little crowd of people looking at it. How lovely, I have tried explaining to the kids that this might be the way of the future, these might be the sorts of cars they drive when they are old enough. I’m looking forward to some fun over Easter in the little electric demon.

Now, as part of the campaign Alex and Fifi filmed a challenge, you can see it below (with a cameo from Ned!) and if you like it (or us) I’d be really really grateful if you could spend a second clicking the Turn on for Alex’ button



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