Review: Mini and Maxi Micro Scooters; The solution for the school run!

There’s nothing quite like being late for school is there? You know the feeling, mild panic, then outright panic causing you to shout at the children for something that frankly isn’t really their fault, you knew it would take them 15 minutes to sort themselves out,why on earth didn’t you sort them out sooner?
Luckily there is an answer, a Micro Scooter. Boy has had a mini micro scooter since he was about 2 and a half and he is extremely accomplished at scooting along at great speed whilst balancing dramatically on one leg and turning a corner. Its a fabulous skill ensuring that he always gets to school on time (even if I have become adept at running with the pushchair whilst screaming at his to try not to flatten pensioners). I thought it was about time that he had a go at a Maxi Micro Scooter, these are the next stage up scooters aimed at 6 + and although he is only nearly 5 with his scooting skills I thought it might be a a good opportunity to up the ante a  little bit.
Maxi Micro scooters are great because you can do whizzy things like change the handle to a pommel. The footplate is bigger meaning he can practise surfing the streets and it has a large brake which Boy seems to be far more inclined to use. When questioned about his new experiments with the break he actually told me he found it easier to press because it its flatter shape. I like this feature.. Like the entire Micro scooter range the Maxi Micro is brilliantly well made, in fact the best, most robust scooter I’ve come across. I guess that’s why I’m told there is a very good resale value in them and why I implore you to spend that little bit more on getting one of these as opposed to a cheaper version. We love this scooter, it going to be part of the family for many years to come!
Hot on the footsteps of her brother Fifi was keen to have her own Micro Scooter and they really hit the right note when they gave her this fantastic green one. Its just like her brothers larger green Maxi scooter and apparently it warrants imitation of his daredevil stunts. If you see a small girl approaching at speed on a scooter and heading directly at you, no worries, she is mastering the dark art of the last minute swerve. Something she is reaching Jedi levels of ability at.
It’s actually really hard to review a Micro Scooter because they are simply one of the best things you’ll buy your child, I’d go so far as to say they are the essential outdoor play item for any child. Kids love them, and I’m not surprised I’d have loved one as a child. They are well made and robust and you’ll take them anywhere and everywhere with you. But you know what the best thing is? When your little darling is far too exhausted to scoot any more, they are so light and easy to carry you wont worry. Each morning after the school run I hang Boys over the handle bar of the pushchair to bring it home and carry on with my day, its that easy to handle.
WE LOVE MICRO SCOOTERS! And I’m sure you’ll love them too if you get one for your child. You’ll get them here
Now, with the Jubilee and the Olympics coming up MicroScooters have responded to letters asking for something commemorative and have come up trumps.
They are  introducing six very British limited edition Mini and Maxi Micro Scooter designs.
With all the benefits of the original Mini and Maxi, these patriotic scooters come in every-which-way of red, white and blue. What’s more, the Mini comes with its very own bag and the Maxi features a bottle holder. Both accessories feature a striking Union Jack design.
Disclosure: Fifi and Boy were gifted some Micro Scooters for review purposes. Just as well we don’t have to give them back because that might be a massive problem…

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