Fifi cooks with Fruity Favourite Muffins with a bit of Yeo Valley help…

Our latest challenge as Yeo Valley brand ambassadors was to hand the ingredients for the Fruity Muffin recipe over to the children and let them make them themselves from scratch. This was not without some trepidation on my part because there is nothing Fifi likes more than doing a bit of cooking in my kitchen and inevitably it means that I have to remove flour from the kettle and sticky finger prints from the fridge. Oh, and we don’t have any more eggs as she practices breaking them until she gets the perfectly released yolk effect as opposed to an egg with loads of bits of shell in it. However, the Yeo Valley One Pot Fruity Muffin recipe is a thing of genus. Although I do like encouraging Fifi to look at the scales and measure out the weights as it helps with her number identification, this recipe means that she can truly cook independently with fairly minimal supervision.

All that you need to do is to provide all the ingredients and supervise/ guide. Then before you know it you will be presented with the yummiest muffins I’ve tasted in a long while.  But how did we really get on? Well, Fifi found it really easy to understand as all she had to do was to measure the various ingredients using a yogurt tub. She squealed with delight doing this and mummy was ‘not allowed’ to interfere with the cook of the house! Fifi chose to make Strawberry muffins which were so scrumptious they were all eaten for our lunchtime dessert (for 4 of us!). In fact, the Boy was so impressed he wanted some of the action and decided to make some Raspberry Muffins for his uncle. I was delighted because it’s really hard to get him interested in cookery.

I can definitively say that this was an all round success, the kids loved making them because they could do the entire thing themselves and we loved them because they were scrumptious. I’ve not done a great deal of baking with yogurt but this has set me off on a mission to do more.

Half term is coming up, why not print out the recipe and give the kids to make you some fruity favourite muffins, not only will this keep them amused you’ll be amazed at the results. You can find the recipe on the Yeo Valley website here:


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  1. Rainbow Prams 29th May 2012 / 10:48 am

    Now this is definitely the kind of baking I'll allow my little one's to do! Minimal mess? Woohoo on it! xx

  2. Zoe Alexander 18th July 2012 / 3:37 pm

    Oh we definitely like this one! Vey yummy and lots of fun! Looking forward to trying this out.

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