A Plum Little Baby

Ned is a cool dude. Until it comes to breakfast/lunch/dinner time. Then he cant get food into his innards quickly enough. He’s like his father. No baby led weaning for this little fella, he’d be in a  such a frenzy trying to shove the food in that he’d not really manage to get any food. Luckily Plum Baby came to our rescue and sent him a selection of their 4 month + pouches. I like Plum Baby, one of my weaning experiences is in their ‘weaning of life’ booklet, they have a great website packed full of useful advice and their baby food is organic and wholesome.

From their 4 month + range Ned’s favourite without doubt is the Spinach, Sweet Potato and Apple pouch, he literally bounces up and down in his chair when he sees it. I have to admit, being used to baby led weaning I sort of forgot the mess that ensues when feeding babies purée and so he has been relegated to the old highchair in the kitchen rather than the Tripp Trapp at the dining room table. I’m a mean mummy, but I do have cream carpets!

The lovely thing about these little pouches is that they are perfect for when you are out and about as they as so portable. I also think that the fact that you are not putting your spoon into the food each time, which means that none of the product goes to waste as you can put  the remainder back into the fridge, is a genius idea.

Now, lets face it, I can’t really review puréed baby food personally can I, other than to say I think it looks healthy and the containers are quite practical. However, I think this little face says it all.

There are five different flavours in the 4 + range and you can buy them in all the major supermarkets or from their online store If you check out their website at the moment they also have a half price voucher.


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  1. MuseumMummy 18th June 2012 / 8:47 pm

    My picky little one seems to like Plum better than some of the other brands too – though in recent days she appears to have decided that she's doing baby led weaning and that's that. All the best laid plans…

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