Sunday, 24 June 2012

Down on the Farm with Lego Duplo Farm 6141

We are really lucky to be involved in the Duplo Ambassador scheme this year.  I'm trying to teach my kids to be generous and thoughtful individuals rather than keeping everything for themselves all the time. The idea that its better to give than to have all the time so I asked them who they thought would most like our latest item. They both said LMC because she has only recently discovered Duplo after getting some for her birthday. I was delighted that they felt that they could gift something of theirs and fortunately their mummy Mrs C has written a review of it so you can find out how she got on:

I'm not sure how, but until Little Miss C's birthday two weeks ago I'd never played with Lego Duplo before. I just never had any as a child (although Mr C apparently did) and until her birthday nor did LMC. She was bought one set for her birthday - mainly car based - and enjoyed playing with that so I was delighted when we were also asked to review the My First Lego Duplo Farm set (6141).

As soon as she saw the box LMC was jumping up and down with excitement. Once it was opened up that level of excitement had gone up another notch. This set is ideal as a first experience of Duplo for a young child as it has such a mix of things in it - a tractor vehicle to push around, farm animals and a farmer figure to play with, blocks to build with and a door and window that open.

After first playing with the animals whilst I built the farm scene to resemble the picture on the box, LMC had great fun driving the tractor round and round, and making the animals go through the window and door. The animals were then lined up in the pen I'd made from the fence pieces before the tractor gained the ability to turn into an emergency vehicle and go "nee-naw, nee-naw" as it drove round the farm! The farm buildings have been rebuilt several times now and the flowers also seem to be a great source of fun.

The only thing that I felt was missing from the box was instructions to follow to build the scene on the box, like the kind that I remember from Lego that I had as a child. The "instruction" book did come filled with some useful suggestions for playing with what was in the box with younger children though. Simple ideas like getting the children to put the bricks into piles of each colour or getting them to count things, or tell you what was taller. The sort of activity that may be obvious when you've spent hours playing with kids, but good pointers for parents all the same.

We are thrilled with the farm set and LMC has already spent hours playing with it. It almost goes without saying that all the plastic components have a quality feel about them and are designed and manufactured to withstand the rigours of a two year old. Duplo is something that will last, not just for as long as LMC wants to play with it, but for her little brother or sister too. I'm pretty sure the farm is only the start of her Lego Duplo adventures.

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