I Know Guinness World Record Holder!

One of the achievements I wanted to make back in the early 1980’s alongside getting a Jim I’ll Fix it badge was to get myself in the Guinness World Record Book. I used to spend hours looking through the book and trying to think up challenges which I might be able to break. The only problem was that even if I did break the records at home there were no Guinness World Record adjudicators there to verify this. Fast forward thirty odd years and now its possible for everyone to have a chance to get into the record books because Thomson Holidays have teamed up with Guinness World Records so that once a week on A Thomson Family Resort you’ll be able to have a go at breaking a world record. How fab is that?

To celebrate this frankly awesome addition to their holidays Thomson invited a group of mummy bloggers to Whipsnade Zoo to have a go at breaking some records. Of course, in my dreams I wanted my kids to fully partake and break some records. In reality they clung to my legs as they usually do when confronted by people they don’t know. The only time Boy managed to relinquish his hold on my leg was when the water pistols emerged and he thought he might be able to get a bit of shooting in. The pistols are for the fastest time to fill a pint glass with water.

Nonetheless it was lovely to have the chance to see some records broken and to find out that when I manage to persuade the hubby to go on a foreign holiday I may just b able to break a world challenge. The stakes are high, if you fancy practising the challenges:

  • Fastest time to assemble Mr Potato Head blindfolded
  • Fastest time to fill a pint glass with a water pistol
  • Fastest time too deposit 20 coins into a piggy bank
  • Most air-beds stacked in one minute
  • Most alternate football touches in a minute
  • Most hats balanced on the head in a minute

The lovely Pippa’s daughter actually broke the record for fastest time to assemble Mr Potato Head blindfolded and you can see her doing it here. My friend Clare won the ‘most hats balanced on the head in one minute’ she got a certificate and everything. I’m jealous, I wonder if she’ll photocopy it for me so I can pretend I got a record as well. I think you’ll find it hard to beat her record!

If you want to find out more about how you might be able to break a world record, frankly the icing on the cake of  a lovely family holiday have a look at the Thomson Family Resort website.


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  1. Pippa W 11th June 2012 / 2:52 pm

    I'm actually tempted to go on holiday just so I can break a record!

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