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I’m being quite selective about reviews these days but I thought that ToucanBox have struck on such a brilliant idea I just had to see what it was all about so I let them send us one. Basically ToucanBox are boxes of craft activities, you get a booklet telling you how to make a few different things and, now this is the best thing, all of the things to do the craft. Now, I don’t know about you, but I have cupboards full of crafting materials and very little gumption at the moment to think about designing the crafts and then undertaking them.

However, there is no other activity that Fifi enjoys more than a bit of cutting, sticking, and painting with me and so I often find myself spending about thirty minutes gathering together all the stuff so we can make something. Invariably to find that she has got bored and gone off to do something else. That’s where the brilliance of our ToucanBox came in; we had an exciting moment of looking through the box and then we decided to make some things and we could do it straight away. In fact, it was so good that when Boy came home from school he had a look and decided to make the bird feeder with me. The kids haven’t watched television after school for two days now. This is a first and frankly an absolute miracle, testament to how worthwhile it is being a bit organised.

As I say, the ToucanBox was totally brilliant, we loved it. Fifi had loads of fun making the Toucan and the baby birds and Boy really got a lot out of making his bird feeder, which also provided the impetuous for lots of spin off discussions. The box was really educational and we still have a couple of activities to do. There were a few little niggles; the Toucans are black and we were provided with green and blue paint which was too thick to blend and the pencils did not have the colours which the example showed for colouring in. This caused Fifi some issues as she really wanted to try to make them exactly as shown. We were also missing some matchsticks so I had to root around the kitchen for some cocktail sticks. However, I suspect these are just teething problems and once they have a few boxes under their belts these things will be ironed out.

I should also mention that you get a story book with each box which fits with the theme of your activities. Fifi really enjoyed reading Dazzle Ducking from our box and it helped to reinforce some of what we were doing.

ToucanBox retails at £16.95 per month and for that you get one box per month. I’m seriously considering signing up, partly because I figure that its a way that enables you to easily do an activity together and I’d pay more than what it works out a week to go to an organised activity with one child.

Find out all about them here at the ToucanBox website


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  1. Fiz 8th June 2012 / 12:22 am

    That's sounds a marvellous thing for young children and and if it makes them leave the TV, it is brilliant! I wish my niece was this age but she is ten in August so I will have to wait for grandchildren to try this out on!

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