Review: Worlds Apart, Love my Street, Little Miss Boutique Playhouse

When I saw the offer of this Little Miss Boutique for Fifi I had mixed feelings, mainly because it was so overtly girly that I wondered if she would actually like it. Fifi is turning into a tomboy and really wants to do stuff with her big brother and his friends. However, I’m on a mission to try to get some more girly things into the house so I thought I would accept it for review. I’m pleased I did because it has proved popular with both Boy and Fifi and its currently installed in their playroom.

The idea of the Love my Street play tents is that you can add to them to create your own high street. This initially seems a is a brilliant idea then when you think about it, its not an entirely practical one. The boys suggestion of buying a whole street for a party (in the garden) and then getting the Nerf guns out so the kids can run through them, street combat style was the best suggestion so far. Although a more sedate party for little girls would probably be preferable! They would also be perfect for creating your own jubilee street party re-enactment…

In terms of construction the playhouse was really easy to put together, even when assisted by two small children. Its really well made and rigid enough to withstand small children going inside and out and playing around inside it. There is also some brilliance in the fact that the little makeup stand for the boutique doubles up as a box for the playhouse when its dismantled.

I think it represents excellent value for money and Fifi and her brother absolutely love it. I reckon they would make a fab birthday or Christmas pressie for a little girl and since it packs away quite small you cant really go wrong.

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